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How to Create a Relevant Public Space
Author: Vos, Aat
Publisher: nai010
Pages: 148-159
Posh & Proud: Interior Design Deluxe
Author: Van Uffelen, Chris
Publisher: Braun
Pages: 50-55
Book of Design
Author: Bakonyi, Gyongyi
Publisher: Cdc Studio Kft
Pages: 134-139
My Inspiration
Author: Hammerl, Thomas
Publisher: Verlag Thomas Hammerl
Pages: Cover, 204-219
My World, My Originality 3: Shops
Author: Fan, Liting
Pages: 227-234
Objects of Desire
Author: Orell, Rita Catinella
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing Ltd
Pages: 208-211
Take Me Away Please: Package Design
Author: Liu, Yang and Yuan, Jianing
Pages: 166-173
The Dream Factory: Alessi Since 1921
Author: Alessi, Alberto
Publisher: Rizzoli
Pages: 216-217
The Fundamentals of Product Design
Author: Morris, Richard
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Pages: 77, 104, 156
Charles & Ray Eames
Author: Quinton, Maryse
Publisher: Editions de La Martiniere
Pages: 86-87
Design: 101 Zanotta Stories
Author: Finessi, Beppe
Publisher: Silvana Editoriale
Pages: 200-201
Futuristic Homes
Author: Taylor, Saranne
Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company
Pages: 22
Liebe pro m²: Das neue Wohnbuch mit Herz
Author: Spassov, Maria
Publisher: DVA
Pages: 8-9
Pink Up Your Life! The World of Pink Design
Author: Roth, Manuela
Publisher: Braun
Pages: 38-39, 60-61, 65, 123
Colour and Two-Dimensional Design
Author: McArthur, Glenn
Publisher: OCAD University
Pages: 54-55
Author: Roberts, Lisa S.
Publisher: Rizzoli
Pages: 172-173, 193-194, 203
Do! It! Yourself!
Author: Barnthaler, Thomas
Publisher: Suddeutsche Zeitung Edition
Pages: 46-49
International Tendency of Soft Furnishing
Author: Lai, Vivian
Publisher: Forma Edizioni
Pages: 22-27, 40-45
Karim Rashid: From the Beginning
Author: Andreini, Laura & Marco Casamonti
Publisher: Forma Edizioni
Pages: 1-256
Restaurant & Bar Design
Author: Rebora, Marco
Publisher: Taschen
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Top Hotel Design
Author: Lai, Vivian
Publisher: Hi-Design
Pages: 280-287
Design: The Groundbreaking Moments
Author: Kozel, Nina
Publisher: Prestel Verlag
Pages: 88, 109, 165
Designing Interior Architecture
Author: Leydecker, Sylvia
Publisher: Birkhauser
Pages: 37, 195
Faber-Castell Since 1761
Author: von Faber-Castell, Anton
Publisher: Collection Rolf Heyne GmbHg
Pages: 435
Glasstress: White Light/ White Heat
Author: Putnam, James
Publisher: London College of Fashion
Pages: 147-148
Graphics In
Author: Park, Minsun
Publisher: A&C Publishing
Pages: 68-73, 296-297
One of a Kind Restaurant Design
Author: Yu, Luka
Publisher: Sendpoints Publishing
Pages: 46-49
The Design Book
Author: Hudson, Jennifer
Publisher: Laurence King Publishing
Pages: 19, 36, 73, 91, 224, 239, 240
50 Designers You Should Know
Author: Duchting, Hajo
Publisher: Prestel
Pages: 118
Basics Interior Architecture: Texture + Materials
Author: Gagg, Russell
Publisher: Ava Academia
Pages: 8, 99, 103, 147
Commercial Display
Author: Wang, Sara
Publisher: Hi-Design
Pages: 240-245
Creative Commercial Space
Author: Wu, Aimee and Anna Qu
Publisher: Phoenix Publishing
Pages: 90-93
Dessert Station
Author: Lee, Emily
Publisher: Artpower
Pages: 32-35
Fascinating Exhibition Space
Author: Wu, Aimee and Anna Qu
Publisher: Phoenix Publishing
Pages: 48-51
GrandesignEtico 2012
Author: Costa, Sergio
Publisher: Plana Cultural Association
Pages: 50-51, 70-73
Hotel Decor
Author: Lu, Xiaoyu
Pages: 114-121
I Protagonisti del Design: Karim Rashid
Author: Colanna-Preti, Stefania
Publisher: Hachette
Pages: Cover,1-48
Jewellery Shop
Author: Chou, Elaine
Publisher: Hi-Design Publishing
Pages: 176-181
Karim Rashid: Ideology of Beauty
Author: Milovac, Tihomir
Publisher: MSU Zagreb
Pages: Cover, 1-71
Night Fever 3
Author: van Rossum-Willems, Marlous
Publisher: Frame
Pages: 484-489
Passion Code
Author: Fang, Abby
Publisher: designerbooks
Pages: 92-99
Author: van Uffelen, Chris
Publisher: Braun Publishing
Pages: Cover, 100-103
Pools: Reflections
Author: Klein, Kelly
Publisher: Rizzoli
Pages: 202-203
Restaurant and Bar Design II
Author: Xu, Karena and Zheng Siyu
Publisher: Artpower
Pages: 235-244
Shopping Area Design
Author: Song, Ashley
Publisher: designerbooks
Pages: 70-85
Spectacular Hotels
Author: Wu, Aimee and Anna Qu
Publisher: Phoenix Publishing
Pages: 68-73, 208-213
Stripes: Design Between the Lines
Author: O'Keefe, Linda
Publisher: Monacelli Press
Pages: 24-25, 212
The Art of Financial Design
Author: Wang, Sylvie
Publisher: Artpower
Pages: 108-113
The Essence of Cool
Author: Bruen, Ger
Publisher: Eleven International Publishing
Pages: 124-129
The Iconic Interior
Author: Bradbury, Dominic
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
Pages: 284-287
The Package Design Book 2
Author: Wiedemann, Julius
Publisher: Taschen
Pages: 44, 243, 387
A Casa de Todos os Tempos II
Author: Wey, Elisabeth
Publisher: Matrix Editora
Pages: 276-277
Best of Year: Architecture & Design 2011
Author: Allen, Cindy
Publisher: Sandow Media
Pages: 36-37, 264, 289
Boutique in Fashion
Author: Ohno, Chikara
Publisher: IFengSpace
Pages: 258-261
Brand Thinking
Author: Millman, Debbie
Publisher: Allworth Press
Pages: 256-269
Das Buch Der Designer
Author: Schoner Wohnen
Publisher: Callwey
Pages: 182
Design Futures
Author: Quinn, Bradley
Publisher: Merrell London
Pages: 38, 46-47, 70-71
DreamWork Space: Restaurant and Bar Design
Author: Wei, Jenny
Publisher: Designer Books
Pages: 14-21, 134-141
DreamWork Space: Retail & Shop Design
Author: Wei, Jenny
Publisher: Designer Books
Pages: 60-65
Elephant Parade Milano
Author: Cohn & Wolfe
Publisher: Elephant Parade
Pages: 98, 160-161
Author: Slanted
Publisher: Daab
Pages: 236-267
I-Space Shop
Author: Ji-hyun, Choi
Publisher: Archiworld
Pages: 68-73
Killing Giants
Author: Denny, Stephen
Publisher: Portfolio Hardcover
Pages: 146-147, 184
Notebook: Tradizione e Futuro Riva 1920
Author: Calzavara, Michele
Publisher: Domus
Pages: 52-53
Author: Lin, Lynn
Publisher: Choies Gallery
Pages: 226
Plastic: A Toxic Love Story
Author: Frienkel, Susan
Publisher: HMH
Pages: 32
Restaurant Design
Author: Wu, Liu
Publisher: Ifengspace
Pages: 170-179
Author: Rashid, Karim
Publisher: Frame
Pages: Cover, 1-280
Space & Environmental Graphics
Author: Taguchi, Tasuhiko
Publisher: Taguchi Design Japan
Pages: 141-146, 200-205
Stylish Stores: Visual Gusto for Shoppers
Author: Lee, Ying
Publisher: Artpower
Pages: 72-75
The Method Method
Author: Ryan, Eric and Adam Lowry
Publisher: Portfolio Penguin
Pages: 18-20, 139, 178, 203, 213-215
X Space 2
Author: Punk, Eileen
Publisher: Sandu Publishing
Pages: 164-169, 422-435
Yearbook Kitchen & Bath
Author: Greyer, Carston
Publisher: Edel
Pages: 7-13
1000 Product Designs
Author: Chan, Eric
Publisher: Rockport
Pages: 9-19,112-136, 167-175, 202-238
Best of Restaurant Design
Author: Schultz, Annika
Publisher: Braun
Pages: Cover, 256-265
Classical Restaurant Design
Author: Zhang, Francine
Publisher: Fujian
Pages: 19-25
Eat Out!
Author: Klanten, Robert, Shonquis Moreno
Publisher: Gestalten
Pages: 32
Fashion Branding
Author: Minguet, Josep Maria
Publisher: Monsa
Pages: 37
Interior Architecture: From Brief to Build
Author: Hudson, Jennifer
Publisher: Laurence King
Pages: 76-83
International Yearbook
Author: Zec, Peter
Publisher: Red Dot Edition
Pages: 86
Living Modern
Author: Richardson, Phylis
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
Pages: 45, 207, 260, 298, 300, 301
Metropolitan Home: Design 100
Author: Lassell, Michael
Publisher: Filipacchi
Pages: 26-27
New Restaurant Design
Author: Ryder, Bethan
Publisher: Laurence King
Pages: 95, 178, 179
Night Fever 2
Author: Schultz, Sarah and Marlous Willems
Publisher: Frame
Pages: 138-141
Pack! Pack!
Author: Abellan, Miguel and Josep Minguet
Publisher: Monsa
Pages: 50-51
Perfect Palettes
Author: Hoppen, Stephanie
Publisher: Jacqui Small, LLP
Pages: 44
Product Design in Sustainable Era
Author: Wiedemann, Julius and Dalcacio Reis
Publisher: Taschen
Pages: 170-171
Space & Environmental Graphics
Author: Taguchi, Midori
Publisher: Taguchi Design
Pages: 143-145, 200-205
The Century of Modern Design
Author: Hanks, David
Publisher: Flammarion
Pages: 358, 397
The Design Hotels Book
Author: Pappelbaum, Patricia Anna
Publisher: Design Hotels AG
Pages: 196-197
The Infamous Chair: Virus Monobloc
Author: Finger, Kerstin
Publisher: Gestalten
Pages: 108-111
The Packaging Design Book
Author: Jacques, Jean & Brigitte Everard
Publisher: Tachen
Pages: 39, 47, 355, 417
Architecture Now!
Author: Jodido, Philip
Publisher: Taschen
Pages: 334-343
Architecture Now!
Author: Jodido, Philip
Publisher: Taschen
Pages: 334-343
Color & Restaurant Design
Author: Asensio, Paco
Publisher: Loft Publications
Pages: 17-39
Cool Hotel Rooms
Author: Cheng, Kelley
Publisher: Pageone
Pages: 172-177
Design Taste
Author: Wong, Katherine
Publisher: Victionary
Pages: 176-181
Fair Design: Architecture for Exhibition
Author: Kramer, Sibylle
Publisher: Verlagshaus - Braun
Pages: 12-17,54-57
Author: Rashid, Karim
Publisher: Rizzoli
Pages: Cover, 1-272
KarimSpace - Italian Edition
Author: Rashid, Karim
Publisher: Sassi Editore
Pages: Cover, 1-277
Love Design
Author: Bjaringer, Paola
Publisher: daab
Pages: 108-111
Minimalism & Color
Author: Collin, Catherine
Publisher: Loft Publications
Pages: 108, 109-110, 420
New Package Design
Author: Kirkpatrick, Janice
Publisher: Laurence King
Pages: 58, 84-85
Powershop 2 - New Retail Design
Author: Schultz, Sarah and Marlous Willems
Publisher: Frame
Pages: 56-59
Qu’est-ce Que Le Design Aujourd’hui?
Author: Crochet, Alexandre
Publisher: Beaux Arts Editions
Pages: 172-173
Shoe Design
Author: Choklat, Aki
Publisher: daab
Pages: 290-297
Shop! Best of Store Design
Author: Schultz, Annika
Publisher: Braun
Pages: 106-117
SPA-DE Vol. 11
Author: Matsumoto, Gunshiro
Publisher: SPA-DE
Pages: 89-93
The Design Hotels Book
Author: Sendlinger, Clause
Publisher: Design Hotels
Pages: 458-459
The Fundamentals of Product Design
Author: Morris, Richard
Publisher: Ava Publishing
Pages: 154-155, 162-163
W Hotels Book
Author: Ziegler, Eva
Publisher: W Hotels Worldwide
Pages: 52-57
1000 Music Graphics
Author: Stoltze, Cliff
Publisher: Rockport
Pages: 62
A Better Future By Design
Author: Naidoo, Ravi
Publisher: Interactive Africa
Pages: 92-104
A Eye For Color
Author: Gutierrez de la Roza, Olga
Publisher: HarperCollins
Pages: 22, 89, 198-199, 231, 232
Art and Design in a Global World
Author: Bangert, Albrecht
Publisher: Instituto Tomie Otakie
Pages: 1-158
Art and Design in a Global World
Author: Bangert, Albrecht
Publisher: Instituto Tomie Otakie
Pages: 1-158
Atlas for Living
Author: Quartino, Daniela Santos
Publisher: Pageone
Pages: 124-133
Cool Hotels Best of Europe
Author: Smith, John
Publisher: teNeues
Pages: 358-361
Author: Meyers, Herb and Richard Gerstman
Publisher: Macmillan
Pages: 224-235
Design Hotels Yearbook 2008
Author: Bradley, Kimberly, Rachel B. Doyle
Publisher: Die Gestalten Verlag
Pages: 143-148
Formless Furniture
Author: Hackenschmidt, Sebastian and Dietmar Rubel
Publisher: Hatje Cantz Verlag
Pages: 118, 123, 124
Il Design 100 in Cento Oggetti
Author: Dardi, Domitilla
Publisher: Motta Editore
Pages: Cover, 194-195
My Favorite Chair
Author: Hofmeister, Sandra
Publisher: Callwey
Pages: 150-151
Package Design Now!
Author: Kozak, Gisela and Julius Wiedemann
Publisher: Taschen
Pages: 202-204, 233, 244-246, 322, 324, 330
Plastics Handbook
Author: Lefteri, Christopher
Publisher: RotoVision
Pages: 108-109, 112-113, 234-235
Author: Hudson, Jennifer
Publisher: Laurence King
Pages: 186-189
Author: Hudson, Jennifer
Publisher: Laurence King
Pages: 128-131
Strike a Pose
Author: Klanten, Robert and Lukas Feireiss
Publisher: Gestalten
Pages: 234-237
The World's Coolest Hotel Rooms
Author: Tikos, Bill
Publisher: Collins Design
Pages: 190-195
Trade Show Design
Author: Krauel, Jacobo
Publisher: Links
Pages: 24-26